Come out of John Smeaton gates and turn right, turn left on to Barwick Road, Run down towards Kwik Fit along the A64 and cross over the road so you are on the same side as Killingbeck Police Station, carry on all the way along the A64 York Road and pass the Asda on your right. Take the right turn on to Wykebeck Valley Road, take care to run on the left side as the street lighting and paths are better on this side. Head towards the 1st mini roundabout but bear right still running along Wykebeck Valley Road then take a right at the 2nd mini roundabout and head up South Parkway Approach and follow the road to the very top, its a slow drag up so take your time and pace yourself, Leeds East Academy will be on your right hand side. Get to the top, turn right towards Aldi but cross over the road so Farm Foods store is to the back of you, cross road safely and back along Barwick Road back to John Smeaton. This route is 6 miles, the elevation is in the last 2 miles, otherwise its all down hill.