Head out of John Smeaton by turning turn left, head towards Longs of Leeds, turn right down Sandleas Way then right at the junction. At the mini roundabout head along and up Austhorpe Road (past the Barnbow Pub) to the traffic lights at the top at Nat West bank, cross road to St Theresas Church, head up to Green Lane, Temple Walk to Selby Road, zig zag up and down the following, down Queensway, up Kingsway, down Knightsway, up Hollyshaw Lane to join Selby Road, take a left down Knightshill, right on to Baronsmead. You are back at the main road turn left back towards the Crossgates Shopping Centre. Turn right at Austhorpe Lane again, turn left on Church Lane, then on to Kelmscott Lane and follow to Pendas Way. Turn left towrds the Cock Beck pub and back to John Smeaton. Approx 6 miles