Runner of the year is decided by the club members, who vote for the male and female they believe have had a great 12 months; by making a significant achievement or contribution towards the club.

Below you will find a list of all the runners who have been awarded this in previous years. 

2018 Sue Crabtree/James Clarke
2017 Janine Lee/ John Stuttard
2016 Louise Clarke/Richard Whitehouse
2015 Julie Stanton/Chris Meadley
2014 Julie Seymour/Richard Whitehouse
2013 Marc Lenaghan/Donna Lenaghan
2012 Helen Swallow/Mark Robinson
2011 Julie Smith/Graham Wilson
2010 Lynn Parsons
2009 Les Martin/Julie Smith
2008 Donna Lenaghan
2007 Lynn Parsons
2006 Donna Lenaghan
2005 Steven Abbott
2004 Steve Longfellow
2003 Michael Murphy
2002 Nic Alderson
2001 Jayne Murphy/Geoff Waters
2000 Terry O’Keeffe
1999 Moira Lenaghan
1998 Terry O’Keeffe
1997 Jayne Murphy
1996 n/a
1995 Jack Parr
1994 Gillian Hall
1993 Les Martin
1992 Moira Lenaghan