The Pat Wells trophy is awarded to the runner who wins our club  handicap race held in the summer months. This is a 5.3 mile race run around the same route every year. Each of our members is assigned a “handicap” based on recent race times and sets off at timed intervals, with the quicker runners setting off after the slower ones. First person to complete the course and cross the line is awarded the trophy for the year.

Below you will find a list of winners of this event.

  • 2018 Suzanne Harbourne
  • 2017 Les Martin
  • 2016 Michelle Costello
  • 2015 Melvyn Burton
  • 2014 Mandy Carr
  • 2013 Moira Lenaghan
  • 2012 Donna Lenaghan
  • 2011 John Stuttard
  • 2010 John Stuttard
  • 2009 Alison Wallace
  • 2008 Steve Ward
  • 2007 Moira Lenaghan
  • 2006 Michael Murphy
  • 2005 Keith Bolton
  • 2004 Tony Tuite
  • 2003 Steve Longfellow
Runners of the Harriers Handicap Race 2018 with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the front with their trophies.