Our first Meet a Harrier is with our secretary aka The Gaffer Michael
Murphy,  he is one of the most experienced members of the club and can
remember the early days of Crossgates Harriers when the club was small
but has helped us expand to the numbers we have now.  Michael has
retired from races but last year came out of retirement to run our
biggest club run East Leeds 10k, this was probably more due to the
buffet on offer after the race !.

Q.How long have you been running with the club?
A.20 years and been secretary for 18 years

Q.What made you start running?
A. I  had just finished playing football and have always been fit and
wanted something that would combine fitness and give me the
competitive edge that was missing once my football days finished, I
have always been a runner but didn’t take it serious until I joined
Crossgates Harriers.

Q.Biggest running achievement.?
A.London marathon 3 hours 39 minutes

Q.Favourite Race ?
A.Great North Run for the big race atmosphere and it’s only a half
marathon. Plus it finishes on the coast so fish and chip reward after
the race.

Q. Any running tips for new members?
A.Listen to advice, buy decent trainers and join a club, Start off
with little goals and build up to bigger stuff later.

Q.Best thing about being part of Crossgates Harriers?
A.I love the fact that we are a friendly and supportive club, we don’t
do big egos we are all runners trying our best. I also get great
satisfaction seeing our beginners and improvers grow and improve
especially the ones who have little or zero running experience.


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