You can beat a drum, beat a egg & back in the day it was acceptable to beat a rug. But the one thing you cant beat is ageing & getting older or so we are led to believe until Graham Wilson hit the 50 landmark & since then has been getting younger every day.So before he starts turning back the time too much & gets bogged down in homework, youth clubs & the scouts we thought we better catch up with him as our latest “Meet the Harrier”

Q1. How long have you been with Crossgates Harriers? I’ve been with the club 13 years.

Q2. What made you start Running? I always enjoyed running at school & regularly competed in cross country races. When I was nearing my 40s I thought I better start doing some exercise. So I returned to doing what I knew I was ok at which happened to be running. My favourite day in the school year was always sports day.

Q3. What was your first race? Leeds Abbey Dash in 2006.It was a smaller field then & actually ran around Kirkstall Abbey. It took me 46:58.I had the usual first race tactics of doing a sprint start & then hanging in there & just wanting the finish line to appear.

Q4. What is the PB you are most proud of? In May 2019 I ran the Leeds Half Marathon in 83:16. Firstly to get my PB on this tough course is a big ask. Secondly it was extra special as I was first in my MV50+ age category. Thirdly I finished in 65th place overall. If I do beat this PB Im sure it will be on a flatter course.

Q5. Whats your favourite race? Its a close call.Probably London Marathon just hits the number 1 spot. Its a great atmosphere & you get support all the way round, which you need in a marathon. Also its a full weekend of anticipation, excitement, thrills & wonderful memories. Other runs I like are the Dalby Forest 10k Dash, Leeds Country Way & St Aidans 10k.

Q6. Complete the sentence “I run because……………”I want to be fit & enjoy looking after my body.I enjoy the social aspect & the challenges of running.

Q7. Best thing about been part of Crossgates Harriers?I really enjoy the support & camaraderie of running with a club.I always look forward to Wednesday night training; its great to meet up with everyone, have a good chat & plenty of banter.