The word legend doesn’t get bandied around the club a lot but when it
comes to our next runner it definitely applies to this lady. She has
been with the club nearly from the beginning and she still has a zest
for running like she did all those years ago but probably moans about
it a bit more,  one of the most supportive members of the club and she
also bakes a mean lemon drizzle cake !… its Gillian Hall.

How long have you been running with the club?

Since Adam were a lad!
Over 30 years I think! The membershipship book we have goes as far
back as 1990 and I am on there that year. I think it was a bit before
that when I joined.

What made you start running?

The person I was married to at the time!
He was a runner and I suppose I sort of got fed up of watching at
races and decided to give it a go instead! Never did anything at
school or anything like that.

Biggest running achievement?

I always wanted to do a marathon under 4
hours just so I could say I had done a sub 4. And I managed it many
years ago at London 3.49.

Favourite race?

It always used to be the London Marathon when Terry
used to run as well. We did it over 20 times but now I would say the
London Landmarks Half Marathon. I was lucky enough to do the inaugural
race last year and it was amazing! Brilliant atmosphere, all the
sights of London Marathon, all the support but only having to run 13
miles instead of 26!

Any Running Tips?

Increase your mileage steadily. I always used to
increase by about 10% per week. Give yourself a plan. Nice to have
someone to train with especially on the long runs. Good to join a club
and train with like minded people. Always buy good shoes – plenty of
cushioning etc.

Best thing about being part of  Crossgates Harriers?

Lots of support and friendships. Everyone supports everyone else whether fast or slow. At the end of races everyone stays for the last person back, whatever the time and whatever the pace. Social side, social events, Barnbow club on Wed nights for a chat etc. Teamwork – like WYWL & LCW. Always someone there willing to help.