This month’s meet the Harrier is another club legend, this guy has been with the club since it was first founded and still going strong knocking out great performances at Park Run and most notably West Yorkshire Winter League putting some of these young folks to shame… Bruce Naylor.

1. How long have you been running with the club?

I have been running with the club since it was established in the
summer of 1986 I was one of the first few members to join and the only
one still running, the only other member that joined same time as me
and is still member is Jack John Parr who due to illness had to stop
running some years ago, It was an advert on the Smeaton reception
notice board put up by the 2 people that started the club ,
unfortunately after a few years these 2 gave up running and left the
club for others to take over the running of it. I don’t now why they
gave it up but I think they will be amazed how big it is now.

2. What made you start running?

The thought of just keeping fit healthy and young made me start running

3. Biggest running achievement?

I can think of 3 equal running achievements best time for Full
Marathon London 1993 3:06. best time for Half Marathon York 1991 1:20.
and most recently 1st Male 70-74 age category in WYWL xcountry.

4. Favourite race?

For favourite race that’s hard to choose but most enjoyable was when
on tour with my wife Mary, Gillian and Terry and others the ones in
Malta and Cyprus etc, especially remember the Cyprus Tsada village
7.5km Run which was 2 days after the Cyprus full and half Marathon and
at the end there was free food and as much free local wine as you
could drink it was very funny watching all the German runners singing
and getting very drunk and of course us Harriers had a rather lot to

5. Any Running Tips?

For running tips well i always say be careful not to over train and do
what’s best for you , what works good for some may not work for you

6. Best thing about being part of  Crossgates Harriers?

Best thing about being part of Crossgates Harriers is the amazing
friendship and the encouragement we give to each other in training and