This month’s Harrier is a fairly new member of the club but has made such fantastic progress over the last year its only right she shares her experience, her Saturday morning Park Runs fuelled by Friday night wine and she can prob sort out a route round the takeaways of Crossgates ,but she has become a top member of the Harriers family its Amanda Hawkridge.

How long have you been running with club?

Since about June 2018… I joined the improvers course (although I only managed to get to 2 sessions!)

 2. What made you start running?

I used to do cross country in school and had wanted to join a club to get back into running, as I’d been finding it hard to increase my distance. I’ve always been into exercise/ fitness, focusing mainly on weight training at that time and I wanted to do something more outdoorsy rather than just gyming it all time. I also have anxiety and wasn’t very well in the beginning of 2018 with it so wanted to do something a bit out of my comfort zone to push myself and meet new people!

 3. Biggest running achievement?

Getting runner of the month for feb 2018!! And probably Leeds half marathon – I did it on very little training as I had been injured and got a decent time by beating my first half marathon by about 6 minutes. I also came 4th recently in the club handicap which I was quite chuffed with!

4. Favourite race

I haven’t done loads of races but my favourites have been  Leeds half cos of the crowds and good atmosphere. And another West Yorkshire winter league races – full of mud, puddles and hills – out in the middle of no where In the rain and wind and always very fun! (Surprisingly). A lot of harriers go and everyone cheers each other on at the finish so it’s a great team event. It’s also funny to see peoples facial expressions as they finish and how muddy they are

5. Any running tips?

Enjoy it! – running should be fun! listen to your body – you can over train and hurt yourself which is not fun, rest is as importance as training! Make sure you stretch loads. Listen to other people’s advice who run – they’re always full of useful knowledge and try to do park runs its great for training and good social events.

6. Best thing about being part of Crossgates Harriers?

Everyone is really friendly, supportive and helpful, whether it’s with helping you to train for something, advice, or keeping you company on extra runs someone will always help. The harriers are also so welcoming – It doesn’t matter how fast or far you can run, no body is left out! They’re a really sociable group too and involve everyone in outings! I’m very lucky to be part of this club